In our Middle School, you’ll find a community of people who are intellectually curious, who learn through both successes and challenges, and who are encouraged to ask and begin to answer larger questions about themselves and about the world. During their time in Middle School, students build strong relationships with others and develop a greater appreciation of themselves as individuals, while our teachers provide students with the structure, challenge, and support they need as they grow in responsibility and independence and prepare for Upper School. We know how important it is that Middle School students have opportunities to explore new interests and to challenge their own thinking as they build confidence, develop leadership skills, and grow in their sense of respect for and responsibility to the world around them.

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Sixth-Grade Year

During the sixth-grade year, our students learn new skills across the curriculum that will provide a solid foundation for later years.

Seventh- & Eighth-Grade Years

During seventh and eighth grades, our students build on foundational knowledge and develop deeper connections across different areas of the curriculum as they explore and work to articulate their own perspectives about the world.


Our Middle School Arts programming provides opportunities for creative exploration and personal growth as students discover and develop their own unique voices through a variety of artistic avenues.

World languages

Studying another language helps students better understand the world and grow as global citizens while also developing linguistic awareness, memory, verbal skills, and reading abilities.

Language Arts

The Middle School’s Language Arts curriculum is designed to cultivate the reading and writing skills that students need for success in the Upper School, and our Language Arts courses support students in their growth as curious and careful readers and as flexible, reflective writers across a variety of genres.


In our Middle School mathematics courses, students practice problem-solving skills and develop their ability to use mathematical thinking to approach, evaluate, and solve complex real-world problems.


Laboratory-based inquiry is the hallmark of our exciting, hands-on science program in the Middle School, where students develop skills related to the scientific process through practical and meaningful application.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Our Middle School Social Studies program provides opportunities for the in-depth study and analysis of historical events, civilizations, and societies, and our students develop the ability to understand events—both historical and present-day—within their contexts and from multiple perspectives.