The Arts – Love, Appreciate, Create

The Fine Arts Program

The Vision of the Arts at Montverde Academy is “Growing the Arts one student at a time.” To that end, all of our offerings and programs are designed around the individual student. This assures each student receives a flexible program uniquely tailored to his/her specific needs and interests; thereby allowing the maximum growth potential for the individual. This growth should be reflected in increasingly demanding curricula and performance expectations, leading to a mastery of the desired Art(s).

The Mission of Montverde Academy Arts is to cultivate aspiring musicians/actors/artists in an atmosphere where they have the freedom and guidance to grow in their skills and discipline in a setting that fosters creativity, humanity, integrity, passion, and success.

Students working in the Video Suite

Center for Media and Performing Arts

Montverde Academy offers fine arts students collegiate-level facilities including our state-of-the-art media and performing arts center. Featuring a large band and orchestra suite, choral rooms, a music theory computer and listening lab, a TV production facility, numerous practice rooms, and a piano lab, the media and performing arts center allows students to unleash their creativity and learn more about the world of fine arts.

Montverde Academy Piano Laboratory

The Montverde Academy piano lab is one of the best in the region. Featuring 20 Kawai digital pianos, three acoustic console pianos, a Steinway spinet, a five-foot Chickering grand piano, and a nine-foot Estonia concert grand piano, students can take collegiate-level classes with the best instruments available.

Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts

The Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Center serves as Montverde Academy’s auditorium. The 417-seat, acoustically-balanced theatre is where all main stage shows and concerts are produced.

We encourage all of our students to love being a part of the fine arts program through the arts. Students are inspired to learn and appreciate the varied and wondrous offerings that the arts can provide. In creating a desire to produce unique works of art that speak to both the student and the world, they develop an emotional love of the arts that will last a lifetime.


Our Goals are to:

  • Provide students with creativity tools and processes, allowing exploration and development designed to expand their Arts consciousness.
  • Foster a sense of healthy self-awareness; and how we, as individuals and community, exist to promote a greater good, serve the whole of the worldwide community, and use the Arts as an instrument of social change.
  • Model honesty, integrity, trust, and self-sacrifice within the boundaries of rigorous standards and a strong moral compass; seeking to ensure our character exemplifies the strength of our Artistic skills.
  • Demonstrate, in all undertakings, a passion for our chosen Art and its pursuit; in a setting where students are free to develop their emotional vocabulary, risk and fail without fear of ridicule or recrimination.
  • Understand the nature of excellence; and create an experience where success flourishes and is celebrated; not for the self, but for the whole, and the advancement of our Arts.

The Arts Department seeks to advance each student’s abilities to the highest possible level based on each individual’s aptitude, ability and work ethic. We provide multiple opportunities for growth and development in which we strongly encourage each student to immerse themselves. Whether the end goal is to be a professional performer, composer, writer, director, technician, educator, college artist, or merely a connoisseur of the Arts, our goal is to stretch a student’s creativity and ability to a point where desires are attainable.

The Motto of the Arts at MVA is: The Arts – Love, Appreciate, Create! Please embrace this motto on your journey through our programs.