Welcome to Middle School

At the Montverde Academy Middle School, we know that strong relationships are at the core of everything we do. As our students learn new things and develop new skills, we encourage them to explore the relationships between these new discoveries and the things they already know, and between the things they’re learning and their own experiences in the world. As they make these connections, students learn the lifelong skills of discovering, evaluating, synthesizing, and applying new knowledge.

During their time in Middle School, students develop the skills of collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving within an academic program that is both rich and rigorous to create a strong foundation for success in the Upper School, college, and beyond. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers build strong connections with our students, and our students connect with each other in ways that allow them to practice the closely related skills required for collaboration and leadership. Alongside a strong foundation in academics, our students develop skills like time management, self-advocacy, compassion, self-confidence, and resiliency—skills that will help them to make the best use of their strong academic preparation and to make a positive impact on the world around them.

We know that the foundation of character lies in realizing the value of our relationships with each other, and we recognize that our ability to guide young people in their preparation for Upper School requires the support of a network of committed and interconnected relationships, where students and teachers and parents and staff are committed to working together in support of a school community that recognizes the value of each individual to the whole. We believe that these relationships create a school culture where young people can explore the world around them, undertake appropriate challenges, and pursue their passions with a goal of excellence.

Yours in Education,

Troy Urquhart
Dean of the Middle School