Welcome to the Upper School

Academically, a school thrives when all members of a school community – administrators, teachers, and parents, are willing to become lifelong learners who inspire the community and focus on the development of the whole child. Supporting this notion are four clear and simple principles that resonate throughout the Montverde Academy Upper School, which are:

1) A clear academic structure is essential. The educational blueprint provided inside and outside of the classroom needs to be supported by a common vision, strategic plan, and an application and/or assessment process to measure the growth of the school.

2) Schools must accommodate the needs of the well-rounded student. This structure must include the formation of a student’s character, the promotion of justice, the development of tomorrow’s leaders, and a curriculum centered on challenging students to achieve their full potential. Students will be motivated to achieve greatness by connecting to the community through service leadership.

3) Education is 100 percent relational. School communities are more successful when a plan is in place to build relationships. Student development is nurtured in the classroom, on the playing fields and stage, through community service activities, and by student leadership opportunities through leadership, service and advisement programs. Our educators and staff are dedicated and share their genuine love of learning with their students as they get to know them throughout the school year.

4) The school is only as good as its team of educators. Our instructors believe in the mission of the school, are lifelong learners and teachers of the whole child.

The academic culture at Montverde Academy is centered on the formation of relationships. This creates a culture where young people can confidently pursue their passions with a goal of excellence, whether it is in academics, athletics, or the arts. Students engage in a rigorous but flexible curriculum designed to meet the needs of our diverse and driven student body.

Our curriculum includes 31 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. More than 100 MVA students are recognized each year by the College Board for their high performance on the associated AP exams, which consistently exceeds the state and global average. In the spring of 2019, our students achieved a qualifying percentage of 85 percent, compared to 56 percent at the state level and 61 percent globally.

A look at our daily life in the Upper School will reveal students and staff who are driven by a commitment to an excellent academic structure and the development of the well-rounded student. We hope you’ll join us!


David Bernatavitz
Assistant Head of School, Upper School and Student Affairs