Q: What is Continuous Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment simply means that once your student (PreK3 – Grade 12) is accepted to the Academy, they will be enrolled until graduation OR until the parents or school decides the student will not return.

Q: How will it be different from MVA’s typical re-enrollment process?

In the past, Montverde families re-enrolled their children each winter for the next school year. Around 90% of our families return year after year until graduation.

Once you sign your Continuous Enrollment contract, you never have to spend time on re-enrollment again! Your student will always have a spot at MVA.

Q: What do I get out of Continuous Enrollment?

A guaranteed seat for your student next year. Simplicity. Peace of mind.

With increasing enrollment, we are either at or near waiting pools in many grades. Placement in next year’s class is an increasingly sought-after spot. With continuous enrollment, you will be securing a seat for your student until graduation or until you tell us they will not return.

Q: How do I re-enroll my child?

During 2020-2021 School Year Enrollment and Future Years
Historically , 90 percent of our families will have the convenience of ignoring the re-enrollment period and doing absolutely nothing! Each year, we will notify families of potential tuition increases in December send a reminder email about the annual deposit invoice in the student account. Families will have until January 31 to inform MVA if they will not be returning for the following year. Unless we hear from you, your student will automatically be enrolled and deposit fee added to your billing account. If you do not complete the Not-Returning Form by January 31, your child will be considered enrolled for the following school year.

Q: When can I apply for financial aid?

Returning families can apply for financial aid through FAST beginning October 1 and must complete the financial aid process including submission of tax documents by December 13.

Requests for financial aid usually exceed the funds available. For that reason, families are encouraged to avoid late submissions, which could jeopardize the possibility of a financial aid allocation.

Q: I applied for financial aid last school year. Do I need to reapply each year?


Q: Will I continue to receive the same financial aid allocation each year? Can it increase?

Families must apply for financial aid each year and any changes in family circumstances can affect FAST’s evaluation of your financial need. There is no guarantee that the allocation will remain the same from year to year.

Q: I may want to change my payment options from year to year. Who do I contact about this?

Everyone will be assigned Plan 1. Contact the Business Office 407-469-2561 to change your plan.