Please Note: Montverde Academy has chosen to use a new third-party vendor, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. The link to FACTS (new platform) is at the bottom of this page and will become active on October 1, 2023, for the 2024-2025 school year. Returning families, please do NOT use FAST (previous platform) for the 2024-2025 school year as you will have to redo your application on FACTS (new platform). FAST (the previous platform) will be closed to Montverde financial aid applicants at the end of September.

Montverde Academy Applicants grades 6-12: Families wishing to apply for financial aid MUST complete both the FACTS (new platform) application and the Admission Process at the same time. Your admission decision and the result of the financial aid review will be revealed when receiving an admission decision.

Returning Families of students in grades 6-12: The absolute deadline for completing the FACTS (new platform) application, including uploading of any required documents is Monday, December 11, 2023.

Financial Aid Guiding Principles

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is a major investment on the part of the Academy for a student to pursue his or her education at Montverde Academy. The Academy offers a voluntary financial aid program. The Academy is not funded by outside agencies or by the government. Financial aid monies are real dollars that must be accounted for in the Academy budgetary process.
  • Financial aid is not a merit-based scholarship, but rather a need-based allocation to help families offset the cost of a Montverde Academy education.
  • Financial aid is applied directly to tuition cost and not to required fees or auxiliary programs fees.

Family Responsibility for Tuition

  • A family has the primary obligation for financing a child’s education.
    The Financial Aid Committee does its best to provide financial aid to 100 percent of qualifying applicants but cannot always provide 100 percent of what is requested by families.
  • The amount of financial aid offered will vary from one family to another based on individual family needs.
  • The Financial Aid Committee expects each family to contribute the maximum amount towards tuition.

Financial Aid and the Admission Process

  • Financial aid decisions are independent of admission decisions.
  • Families will be notified of the financial aid decision after the student has been accepted to the Academy. Families should do the FACTS application at the same time they apply for admission to expedite the process.

The Financial Aid Process

  • All information received by the Academy from the family is held in the strictest confidence. Likewise, it is expected that each family maintains confidentiality about financial aid allocation and does not discuss this information with others.
  • Financial aid decisions apply only to the year for which an application and supporting documentation are submitted to FACTS .
  • FACTS uses all of the information imputed into the application to determine need, so it is expected that information provided is complete and accurate.
  • Domestic families must submit the most recent tax returns and W2s directly to FACTS either by uploading documents to the application or sending them through the mail.
  • International families must submit supporting documents directly to FACTS either by uploading documents to the application or sending them through the mail. These include a translated copy of the most recent taxes and a translated earnings statement from both parents’ employers.
  • FACTS requires a nonrefundable fee of $40. There are no fee waivers or vouchers available.*

How to access FACTS:


* FACTS requires a fee of $40.00. The application fee is non-refundable. There are no fee waivers or vouchers available.