Visual Art students participate in academic and extracurricular activities in the study and creation of art, investigating concepts, and applying critical thinking and creative problem-solving in individual artistic explorations.

Montverde Academy offers a comprehensive art program that engages students at all grade levels. At the Lower School, students have art incorporated into their week. At the Middle School, seventh and eighth-grade students choose art as an elective. Upper School courses include Introduction to Art, 2D Art, 3D Art, Art Studio, Photography, Ceramics, Crafts, AP Studio, and AP Art History.

Students who are avid amateur artists or planning for a career in the art may choose to be in the Subject Area Concentration for Visual Arts (SAC VA) diploma program to pursue a rigorous four-year curriculum that earns them a special diploma while preparing them for a career in visual arts.

Regular showcases of students’ artwork are presented at area events and are frequent entrants into local, state, and national competitions.