The Community Arts School offers private lessons for voice, piano, and strings. Lessons are available for all students with a limited number of teachers and sessions available. The School also offers group dance classes in ballet, tap, and jazz.

Montverde Academy proudly offers the Community Arts school as a way for students to easily obtain instruction in music and dance.

Music Lessons are Monday through Friday, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the music studio rooms located in the Sandra O. Stephens Media and Performing Arts building. The cost per lesson is $150 per month and includes four (4) 30-minute lessons (one lesson per week). Lessons are billed directly to the student account. For an additional fee, 60-minute lessons are available with the option of adding additional days.

Piano, violin, and viola lessons are available beginning in first grade. Voice lessons are available beginning in third grade. Cello and bass lessons begin in fourth grade or when the student is physically able to hold the instrument correctly.

Dance Classes are offered Tuesday through Friday from 6-8 pm in the Black Box Theatre in the Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Building.  The cost per class is $150 per month and includes four (4) 60-minute classes (one per week).  Classes are billed directly to the student account.  Level 1 Dance Classes are available for students grades 3-6, and Level 2 Classes are available for students grades 7-12.  Students are welcome to register/participate in more than one class.

Current classes are:

  • Ballet 1: Tuesday, 6 – 7 pm
  • Jazz 1: Tuesday, 7 – 8 pm
  • Ballet 2: Wednesday, 6 – 7 pm
  • Jazz 2: Wednesday, 7 – 8 pm
  • Tap 1: Thursday, 6 – 7 pm
  • Tap 2: Thursday, 7 – 8 pm

Students are expected to attend every lesson/class in order to advance their skills. Due to scheduling, missed lessons/classes or refunds for missed lessons/classes cannot be offered. However, each student will receive one excused absence credit per semester. Students will not be charged for holidays or teacher absences.

Lessons/classes are held on all regular school days. We do not offer lessons on any day the school is closed. Some teachers will offer lessons on half-days and will give you their exact schedule for each semester.  As performance plays an important role in learning, students will be also be given the opportunity to participate in public recitals. Details of the recitals will be distributed through your lesson teacher.

Students are responsible for purchasing all books, supplies, and materials needed for lessons (details will be provided to each student by their instructor). Instrumental students must have a quality instrument for lessons and practice. Piano students must have a quality piano for home practice. Acoustic pianos are best, but high-quality electric pianos with 88 keys, weighted action, and pedals are suitable. Casio-style mini keyboards are not acceptable.  Dance students will require appropriate dancewear.

Once students have registered for lessons/classes and have been assigned their instructor and lesson time(s), a more detailed copy of lesson/class policies will be sent home with teacher information.

We look forward to the first week of lessons/classes and starting your student on the path of music education!

Mr. Dean Bell
Director, Montverde Academy Music Conservatory