Innovation Center Donors – Thank You!

THANK YOU to our Dreamers, our Creators, and our Inspirers for their generous contribution to the Educational Technology & Innovation Center.

The possibilities are endless.

EA Sports:

  • EA Sports and Montverde Academy (MVA) have partnered to create unparalleled educational and extracurricular opportunities for aspiring video game industry professionals, animators, engineers, programmers, designers, and marketing specialists. Combining insights from the top publisher of sports video games and an institution recognized globally for producing academically advanced students, EA Sports Gaming at MVA represents the convergence of world-class industry, academic, and athletic expertise.
  • Field trips to top industry schools, such as Full Sail University and EA’s Orlando Campus, help to immerse our students in the industry while providing an opportunity to understand where their talents can take them.
  • As part of the half-day program, students are also eligible to compete on our national award-winning esports team in various gaming competitions. Students who are enrolled as part of the EA Sports Gaming at MVA program receive guided instruction on specific coursework to enhance their experiences and academic choices throughout their attendance at MVA.

Production Studio:

  • Students who participate in media arts classes immerse themselves in TV and film production and digital photography.
  • Our new professionally outfitted studio provides students with the opportunity to create, edit, and publish a wide variety of media that give them the opportunity to create, produce, and publish material that contributes to the historical recording of MVA events and solicits review by nationally recognized organizations in these fields.
  • State-of-the-art facilities allow for limitless creation possibilities.

Yearbook and Journalism:

  • Students in Journalism and Yearbook can study the nation’s best work while learning how to hone their craft. Access to the New York Times and nationally award-winning publications provides high-level quality models for our students to learn about these topics.
  • In the first year of its publication, the Interlachen was inducted into Walsworth’s Gallery of Excellence in Missouri at the printing plant and received an All-Florida ranking from the Florida Scholastic Press Association ranking our 2023 book in the top 30 for the state.
  • Partnerships with the Sports Media and Photography classes are being developed to allow our students more opportunities to be published with credits that will carry them through to the next level of their schooling.


  • Our technology classes give our students the opportunity to explore skills in a variety of programming languages, including Scratch, Python, Unity, and others.
  • For those who are interested in a career in these fields, opportunities to participate in competitive programming leagues and Advanced Placement courses are also provided.
  • 3D design and printing allow our creative techies to practice their talent of programming and design in a developing field that contributes to school life, such as designing trophies for school-hosted competitions or assisting the robotics teams with 3D-printed parts needed for their competitive robot designs.


  • Our Robotics program is a blend of in-class curriculum and hands-on experiences that enable students to develop skills in assembling, programming, and operating robots. The curriculum centers on applications of science, technology, engineering, arts, math (STEAM), and communication skills through two nationally recognized leagues: VEX and FIRST Robotics.
  • Along with the in-depth curriculum, students gain experience in the evolving mechatronic engineering industry through our robotics classes where students can learn multiple programming languages and compete against teams from across the state and nation to build their mechanical and computer engineering skills.
  • Montverde Academy students have placed and won awards at local, regional, state, and national robotics competitive levels.


  • Students who are interested in pursuing careers in the engineering fields are supported through several levels of courses that utilize the Engineering Design Lab.
  • The curriculum for our program is designed by Project Lead the Way, a nationally renowned organization specializing in STEM-based integration strategies for schools.
  • Built for our Middle and Upper School students, the lab contains power tools, Raspberry Pi and Arduino components, circuitry, 3D printers, X-Carve equipment, sewing machines, and tools galore that allow our students to design and create projects that begin in their imaginations. Lower School students have their own maker space that includes a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials, providing these students with a hands-on experience that inspires their creative problem-solving to support their classroom challenges.

Photo Lab:

  • The photography lab is a static location for our professional photographer to take pictures to record the school year’s historical record. Sports groups, individual students, and staff all report to this location for school photography.
  • Classes that work in these fields such as Sports Journalism also use this space as a backdrop for students to set up interviews with staff and athletes taking advantage of the state-of-the-art space with green screen capabilities and appropriate backdrops.


  • Montverde Academy houses two maker spaces with age-appropriate tools for the classes that are using them.
  • Our lower school maker space contains hands-on kits and materials for students to create a large variety of projects from circuits, to engineering with LEGOS and K’nex sets, and a large variety of other materials such as cardboard, glue guns, markers, etc. for our younger students to use their imaginations and build their innovative creations. Teachers in the lower school can reserve this space at any time to expand their knowledge of their curriculum.
  • Upper and middle school students have access to a wide variety of power tools, Arduino, Raspberry Pi kits, sewing machines, and more in our maker space suitable for grades 6 through post-grad. Engineering and robotics students use these materials to support their learning through Project Lead the Way and classes in these grade levels can also schedule to use the space to assist in the creation of curriculum-based projects.

Research & Collaboration:

  • Our informal and formal collaboration spaces are open both during and after school to allow our students a safe space to work together on their classwork.
  • The informal collaboration area includes multi-level seating options for small groups of students where they can gather and work on their classwork in a setting that promotes a productive working environment.
  • Our formal collaboration spaces are encased in glass, perfect for use by more formal groups or if students want a bit quieter location for their work. The space has two computers for general use and can be configured as three smaller rooms, 1 large room, and 1 smaller room or 1 large room depending on the size.  Anyone on campus may reserve these spaces.

Why is this space needed?

Education has changed over the last 20 years, with technology being integrated into academia to better explore abstract and unfamiliar concepts. Today, learning expectations involve higher levels of critical thinking, research, problem-solving, and real-world applications of the material. It is no longer a teacher’s job to only impart knowledge, but to be a supporter of a student’s personal pursuit of academic comprehension. With countless spaces to discover and study new theories, students will be able to advance their understanding of concepts while improving their technological literacy as they prepare for collegiate-level coursework.

DREAM about this project.

We are committed to progressive and innovative approaches to learning. The $753,600 multi-purpose transdisciplinary learning space will support flexible learning to maximize student collaboration, promote creativity and innovation, grow research, and integrate technology in a connected and seamless way.

CREATE the opportunities.

Donors contributing between $1,000 – $2,499 to the ETIC will have their names included on the donor list.

Donors contributing between $2,500 – $4,999 to the ETIC will be recognized with customized small gear.

Donors contributing between $5,000 – $9,999 to the ETIC will be recognized with a customized medium gear.

Donors contributing $10,000 – $24,999 to the ETIC will be recognized with customized large gear.

Donors contributing $25,000+ to the ETIC will be recognized with customized extra-large gear.

INSPIRE others by investing today to help us meet our $350,000 goal!

For information on multi-year pledge commitments, major gift opportunities, or questions about this fund, please contact Jeff Osterman at 407.469.2561 ext. 6010 or email Jeff.Osterman@montverde.org.