Inspire Innovation


Innovation Center Donors – Thank You!

THANK YOU to our Dreamers, our Creators, and our Inspirers for their generous contribution to the Educational Technology & Innovation Center.

DREAM about this project.

We are committed to progressive and innovative approaches to learning. The $753,600 multi-purpose transdisciplinary learning space will support flexible learning to maximize student collaboration, promote creativity and innovation, grow research, and integrate technology in a connected and seamless way.

CREATE the opportunities.

Fund the Furniture: Contribute to the purchase of Interactive and Collaboration Tables for Research and Collaboration and Industrial Tables for Makerspace, chairs, couches, retractable wall partitions, glass walls, shelving systems, rolling carts, etc.

Fund the Story: Contribute to the purchase of video cameras and production equipment.

Fund the Picture: Contribute to the purchase of still cameras, MAC computers, drone and underwater technology, and studio equipment.

Fund the Reality: Purchase one of 75 Virtual Reality headsets for the three academic divisions.

Fund the Tools: Supply Makerspaces with creativity resources including carpentry tools, paint, laser cutters, and 3-D printers and supplies.

Fund the Vision: A restricted donation to the Educational Technology and Innovation Center to impact underfunded areas.

Fund Your Child’s Passion: A dollar donation and allocation of your choice to the Educational Technology and Innovation Center.

Help us meet our $350,000 goal.
INSPIRE others by investing today!

Why is this space needed?

Education has changed over the last 20 years, with technology being integrated into academia to better explore abstract and unfamiliar concepts. Today, learning expectations involve higher levels of critical thinking, research, problem-solving, and real-world applications of the material. It is no longer a teacher’s job to only impart knowledge, but to be a supporter of a student’s personal pursuit of academic comprehension. With countless spaces to discover and study new theories, students will be able to advance their understanding of concepts while improving their technological literacy as they prepare for collegiate-level coursework.

The possibilities are endless.

Research and Collaboration

  • Interact with field experts in Central Florida and across the world in several disciplines
  • Step into the shoes of a forensic scientist and learn crime scene analysis by examining blood types, reviewing crime scene evidence, and collecting and analyzing samples in Forensic Science class


  • Create 3-D models to study surface area, volume, and velocity.
  • Print 3-D molds for Kinesiology, Anatomy, and Physiology coursework to understand how joints, muscles, and ligaments work together and experience through Virtual Reality technology.
  • Design and create original costumes for Fine Arts productions.

Virtual Reality

  • Travel to Ancient Greece and Rome, board the Mayflower, and step into Anne Frank’s home.
  • Rocket to the surface of planets and stars in Outer Space, submerge deep in the ocean to study marine life and explore the jungles and deserts.
  • Analyze, track and evaluate movement to increase athletic and overall patient performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Photo Lab

  • Master the art of photography and editing using Adobe Photoshop, Drone technology, chroma key software, underwater photography, and light painting.

Production Studio

  • Produce and broadcast a film, radio segment, or podcast with our state-of-the-art equipment.


  • Craft and code a robot to discover motion planning, kinematics, acceleration, and serial chain mechanisms.

Electronic Gaming

  • Design games and transform your vision into a playable and controllable game.
  • Create memorable characters.
  • Test games to identify glitches and functionality.
  • Train to become a professional gamer through community and global competitions.

For information on multi-year pledge commitments, major gift opportunities, or questions about this fund, please contact Mary-Kay Rath at 407.469.2561 ext. 6008 or email