Community Service

At Montverde Academy, 100 percent of our students volunteer through our Community Service program, working on projects that fulfill genuine needs in our local community and abroad.

The community service requirement promotes civic responsibility through active participation in service opportunities, enhances students’ ability and desire to impact the community, fosters a sense of caring for others, and promotes a habit of volunteer service. Community service means acting for the benefit of someone other than yourself. These activities are non-curricular based opportunities that engage students in authentic and meaningful service to their communities. Students must engage in twenty-five (25) hours of community service each year they are enrolled in the Academy in grades 9 through 12.

Students may begin recording community service hours the summer after successfully completing eighth grade. Hours may accrue throughout the summer and school year and must be recorded through Helper Helper, the service hour recording system app. Students must provide official verification of community service hours in the form of a certificate, letter, email, phone call, or confirmation through Helper Helper.

All service performed must meet specific criteria and be approved by the Dean of Students Office. Please refer to The Upper School Handbook for additional information or contact the Assistant Dean of Students for Multiculturalism, Leadership and Student Programs.