Head of School’s Leadership Institute

The focus of the Head of School’s Leadership Institute (HLI) is to equip Upper School student leaders with the necessary tools that support Montverde Academy’s mission explicitly focusing on:

  • Expanding cultural competence and global vision,
  • Developing character programs and student mentorship opportunities,
  • Inspiring personal leadership and accountability,
  • Bringing the MVA community together by increasing school spirit,
  • Growing community service partnerships with local/global organizations
HLI Student Expectations
  • Register for semester leadership elective
  • Attend mandatory HLI Leadership Retreat in August
  • Attend weekly club meetings with a designated leader
  • Attend at least one leadership experience organized by HLI (ex. LEAD Conference, Student Diversity Leadership Conference by NAIS, multi-day local/international service project, etc.)
  • Other expectations as assigned

Six leadership programs comprise the HLI:

Arts & Athletics Leadership Committee is a group of students chosen from the leadership of their respective disciplines, representing the interests and uniqueness of the performance-based programs of Montverde Academy. Through their position as some of the most visible and recognizable faces of the Academy, these students gain leadership skills that are unique to the demands of high-profile and public figures and help them prepare for leadership at the next level. As leaders in their discipline, these students, through their studies as part of this committee, return to their individual teams/ensembles and share these leadership lessons with peers with a goal of improving the overall culture of the Arts and Athletic programs at MVA

Disciplinary Committee is comprised of Upper School students who represent the diversity of the student population appointed by the Head of School. The Disciplinary Committee works with administrators, teachers, and students to uphold the Academy’s rules, convening as needed to hear the facts of cases in which major rules have allegedly been violated, and make recommendations to the Dean of Students. Disciplinary Committee Application Form.

Eagle Ambassadors are chosen through an application process. Students selected possess excellent communication skills and exhibit leadership, initiative, and enthusiasm. Eagle Ambassadors must maintain Honor Roll status, be on the Excellent Citizenship list, and be involved in the MVA community. Eagle Ambassadors assist with campus tours and admission tasks.  Eagle Ambassador Application Form.

Honor Council is a group of Upper School students who represent the diversity of the student population appointed by the Head of School. The Honor Council works with administrators, teachers, and students to uphold the tenets of the Montverde Academy Honor Code, which aims to develop a determination in students to lead honorable lives. The Council convenes as needed to hear the facts of cases that have potentially broken the Honor Code.  Honor Council Application Form.

Prefect Program is a student-led leadership group that encourages communication and interaction between students and administration to enhance the student experience. Prefect responsibilities influence and impact the entire student body, enhance their leadership skills, and further mold their preparedness to become influential leaders in their future passions whether that be business, the arts, athletics, or industry. Students in the program must maintain excellent citizenship status. Prefect Application Form (Seniors only).

Student Government Association (SGA) exists to provide a forum for expression, an opportunity to create change, and a network to support student concerns and the well-being of all domestic and international MVA students. Through student leadership, MVA’s SGA will create a positive environment of encouragement, understanding, and student scholarship. SGA Application Form.

Applications open in March, and students are inducted during the spring Honor’s Night program in late May. For more information, please get in touch with Mrs. Margaret Price at margaret.price@montverde.org.