Upper School Students Volunteer at Hope Center Thrift Store

By Mrs. Margaret Price 

On Saturday, September 23, Upper School students volunteered at the Hope Center Thrift Store located on Dillard Street in Winter Garden. “We helped organize, clean, stock, and had a great time,” said Mrs. Amy Napoles, an Upper School science teacher who chaperoned and served alongside the Upper School students. “The Hope Center thrift store staff was appreciative and welcomed us back for future service opportunities.”

Justin Burger, the Hope Center Director who oversees all operations, said, “At the Hope Center, we exist to see one thing: better lives. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to give back to the community through our food pantry, staffing agency, immigration services, and resources. What I love most about the Hope Center is seeing hope restored in the lives of people that are going through difficult times.

“I thought the experience was very uplifting to see even the smallest tasks make a big impact,” said Isaak Williams, a senior at MVA. “Something else that was really cool was seeing more and more people show up to help out, which honestly created more of a community within the store.”

“This experience was very impactful. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help,” said Cassidy Burris, a senior at MVA. “The community within the Hope Center is truly inspiring. The amount of people that come to help out is amazing. They are truly dedicated and passionate people.”

For more information on the Hope Center, visit cfl-hope.org.