Upper School Students Engage in Ecofriendly Activities for Earth Day Challenge

The MVA community received an Earth Day 2023 challenge to engage in ecofriendly activities, such as picking up litter, planting a tree, or recycling. Some of our MVA Upper School students took the challenge. 

Grant Williams Class of ’26, said, “On that day I went to the permaculture life event. I helped set up, and I provided assistance when needed. We set up an ecofriendly merchandise pop-up shop, consisting of T-shirts, hats, and hoodies. All of these items were made out of bamboo and hemp. Later on, we did presentations about grafting. Grafting is the process in which you remove a piece of the plant (relatively the same size as the other plant) and use another piece of another plant (generally from the same plant family) and join them together at the root to grow a new type of plant.”  

Grant Williams at Permaculture Life Event

The event was held at Lake Eola. To learn more about the permaculture life, visit https://permaculturelife.com/pages/about.

Other Upper School students rose early on Saturday morning to participate in the MVA Adopt-A-Roadway service project. Veronica Dau, the Keep Lake Beautiful Facilitator for the Environmental Services Division of the Lake County Department of Public Works, said, “According to our computer records, Montverde Academy joined the Adopt-A-Roadway program before 2012. Thanks for being such a steadfast group of volunteers!” 

For more information on the Adopt-A-Roadway program, please visit https://lakecountyfl.gov/roads/adopt-a-roadway