Upper School Caribbean Carnival Pool & Beach Court Party: A Celebration of Culture and Community

By Thalia Paris, President of the Caribbean Student Union, Haiti

The Caribbean Student Union threw a great pool party with a huge turnout and nonstop fun! We are excited for even more awesome events like this next year. Thanks to the other club members, the student hosts, and all the students who came out.

“The Caribbean Club Party was a blast,” said Carine Hayes, CSU Planning Committee, Trinidad and Tobago. “Everyone had so much fun embracing Caribbean culture, and it was a great event overall!”

“My favorite part was playing dominoes and having the food,” said Eli Zeevi, CSU Planning Committee, Turks and Caicos Islands. “It gave me a taste of home.”

“My favorite part of the event was swimming in the pool with my friends and eating Kona ice!” said Akylah Shirley, CSU Planning Committee, Jamaica.

“The Caribbean Student Union is so grateful for the parents who helped set up and clean up and donated items for the event,” said Bridget Robbins, CSU Planning Committee, Jamaica. “Their contributions helped the social be as fun as it was!”