The Yearbook Staff Presents the 110th Anniversary Yearbook: “All Day, Every Day”

By Mrs. Savannah Miller, Yearbook and Journalism Teacher

The Interlachen Yearbook staff distributed its 110th Anniversary copy on Monday, with the theme of “All Day, Every Day.” This theme was chosen to show the all day, everyday nature of a day and boarding school, shown through the chosen sunset colors and gradients that represented the passing of time in a day.

Students worked from August to March to complete the 288-page book. Students learned interviewing, copy writing, photography and design to create the entire book by hand.

“Being on the Yearbook committee was definitely a challenge,” said Mieke Palmer, Class of ‘23. “From attending events to cover that week, to trying to get people to respond, it was definitely tricky. However, I really like a good challenge and seeing everybody’s reaction to the yearbook on the distribution day, and watching them go around and have everybody sign it made all of those frustrating times so worth it.”

“Yearbook has been an experience in and of itself,” said Lyder Reksten, Class of ’26. “Most of this year has consisted of my friends and me tracking down people for quotes and pictures, constantly holding a camera, and spending more time in the yearbook room than in my own. It’s a tremendous amount of work to create a book the size of ours, but when you see it in your hands, it’s a work of art. It will be remembered forever. I have learned so much, from caption & copy writing, graphic design, improved communication skills, and so much more. Although yearbook doesn’t always have the best reputation, especially during the most stressful points of the year, it has completely changed my life for the better. My teammates have now become close friends, and one way or another, our whole class has become connected. We also have the best advisor, Mrs. Miller. Seeing her have such love and passion for yearbook, in general, has definitely encouraged me to want to make our yearbook better, not only for us but for her. I completely recommend yearbook—it is a great way to make friends and gain an entire new vocabulary, along with creating a keepsake of each school year. I cannot wait for our Upper & Middle School community to finally see it!”