The Yearbook Staff Dedicates the 110th Anniversary Yearbook to Mrs. Yumiko Wexler

The yearbook staff dedicated the 110th Anniversary issue of Interlachen, Montverde Academy’s yearbook, to Mrs. Yumiko Wexler, an Upper School mathematics teacher.

Mrs. Wexler has taught geometry at Montverde Academy for the past nine years and also serves as a math tutor after school.

“Mrs. Wexler is a great teacher because she is very calm and also very intelligent, which makes learning in her class very enjoyable,” said Zac Knight, Class of ’25. “She also speaks very clearly and simply, which is helpful for our international students. Lastly, she is also very personable and is good at helping students learn while staying very positive.”

The Interlachen staff is honored to dedicate this issue to Mrs. Wexler and her legacy.