The Theatre Conservatory Thanks the MVA Community for Toy Drive Contributions

The Stuffed and Plush Toy Drive, the brainchild of Alec Lipscomb and Kaylee Harvey, was a great success. They would like to thank everyone for their generous contributions!

From Alec Lipscomb, 12th-grade Theatre Conservatory student: “Thanks to all who donated to this toy drive. This project is a reminder that theatre is more than just putting on shows. It is also about building community, so we were happy to take this opportunity to share the message of ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ and do something positive for MVA and our local community.”

From Kaylee Harvey, 10th-grade Theatre Conservatory student: “Thanks so much to everyone who donated. I hope that it made everyone happy to give and that the message of this show has a lasting impact on others. If you donated, know that you donated more than just a toy. You have provided a friend to share in the journey of life.”