The MVA Investment Club Kicks Off Its First Month with an Investment Competition and a Guest Speaker

By Nicolas Galvis, ’23, Vice President of MVA’s Investment Club

As the investment club approaches its first month in function, we recap the happenings of the initial month of club operation. Starting with Montverde Academy’s Club Fair at the beginning of September, President Ryan LeBreux and club advisors Mr. Judge and Mr. Samide welcomed an unprecedented number of interested students. They established the club’s goals and vision of financial education through a multitude of methods including experiential learning and welcoming guest professionals to share their insights.

In the following weeks, club members attended weekly meetings where they split up into teams to compete in the Wharton Global Youth Investment Competition. Students collaborated as they learned the basics about the competition, investing, and their client. Students began to make their first trades in the competition, aiming to secure profits while investing within the principles of the client.

Most recently, the investment club enjoyed a very informative presentation from our first guest speaker of the year Megan Conger, a financial advisor at Belton Financial Group of Raymond James and wife of Mr. Judge. She overviewed the basic principles of her investing perspective as a professional and emphasized the importance of fully understanding your client for the best results.

As the investment club begins its second month, we look forward to more learning, success in the investment competition, and hearing from many more insightful guest speakers.