The Middle School Social is a “Wrap”: Fall Fun for Everyone

Article and photo by Sanvhi Gandhi, ’28

On Friday the 7th of October, we had our first social of the year. This year so far has been a blast, but this was definitely one of the most exciting things we have done so far.

In our fall-themed social, coordinated by our Middle School’s lovely SGA, we had so many activities like watching Halloween-themed movies, eating s’mores, dancing, doing some fun Halloween-themed art, and even a MUMMY WRAP!

The whole party, in general, was absolutely a hit for the whole Middle School, and even at one point, we had a dance circle going.

Now as much as activities are important, our food was very well accommodated by our sixth grade, and drinks were well kept well by our seventh. We had a variety of food from chips to nuggets and even some spooky snacks, too! Our drinks, too, were very good as we had additional soda and water for different guests.

In all, our first social of the year was a really big win and unquestionably set great expectations for the next!