The Eighth Graders Learn About Our Country’s History and About Themselves As They Visit Washington, D.C.

By Tank Chavous, ’27

The 8th grade Washington, D.C., trip was one of the most wonderful educational experiences I’ve ever been a part of. From the historical museums to the flavorful food, Washington, D.C., amazed my peers and me to unimaginable lengths. My friends and I also enjoyed spending quality time with each other while learning about crucial pieces of history. Let’s explore the details together and reminisce on the wonderful times.    

On the first day of the trip, I woke at 5 a.m. My parents drove me to the school, and I checked in with our chaperones and met my excited peers. The buses arrived, and we loaded our luggage and prepared for the airport. As we traveled through the lengthy process of security, our excitement rose more and more. Once we finally made it on the plane, I was surprised with an awesome birthday celebration. To our disappointment, there were slight delays, but once we took off, it was the first step to D.C.

Once we arrived, it was rolling waves from there. Visiting various memorials and sites after landing made us ready for some grub. It was perfect timing that we were on our way to a famous restaurant called Ben’s Chili Bowl. They had delicious dishes, such as hot dogs, chili, burgers, fries, and milkshakes. We also got a history of the people who had come to the restaurant before for a quick bite, including famous President Barack Obama! We visited a few more sites and then went to the hotel to crash for the night. The chaperones told us that “lights out” occurred at 9:45 each night, but trust me, the students had plenty of other plans that included playing games and talking after the lights were out.

Over the next two days, we visited many museums and memorials, eating various foods along the way. One place that stood out and really touched my heart was the Holocaust museum. The contents inside were depressing beyond belief. There were special rooms that even my teachers dared not explore because of the graphic images that they showed, one of them being a room full of shoes of the victims who had been in concentration camps. It really made me realize how privileged I am to attend a wonderful school and even have a safe roof to live under. Nonetheless, I am confident that this museum is something that everyone needs to see, to make them realize how some people in the world suffer much more than you or anyone else will ever face.

The next day, we visited George Washington’s estate and experienced the feeling of living in the 18th century. On the final day, we were so sad that the trip was over so quickly but made the most of our experience. I really had fun and enjoyed learning many new things with my friends. Overall, the trip was a wonderful experience that my peers and I thoroughly enjoyed. If you are an upcoming student that will take the trip soon, I guarantee you that you will have an exhilarating time. For those who won’t get to go with the school, I urge you to travel and feel the same amazements that we felt. Washington, D.C., was an absolutely amazing adventure for my peers and me. Thank you to the chaperones and school for letting us attend as Montverde Academy students, or should I say, as the proud Eagles that always soar high.