Team #Grandpa Competes in Central Florida FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Ahead of Competition at Embry Riddle

By Dr. Caryn Long, Director of Educational Technology and Innovation

On Saturday, January 13, one of our Middle School robotics teams, #Grandpa, competed against 47 other teams in the Central Florida regional FIRST® LEGO® League competition.

Despite a difficult start, the ten students pulled together and had an impressive showing in the robot runs and an even more impressive Judge’s interview. They were awarded the Motivate award, which celebrates a team that embraces the culture of FIRST LEGO League through team building, team spirit, and displayed enthusiasm. They were the top awarded team for this honor.

#Grandpa was represented by the following students: Eisha Cheema, Ava Pergram, Alexis Eastham, Dash Green, Ethan Salka, Connor Burke, Carson Crutchfield, Chandler Miao, Miguel Angel Fernandez-Hernandez, and Declan Corbett.

Teams #Grandma and #Grandpa will both compete at Embry Riddle on February 17, bringing their Innovation Project ideas to the judges. This year, teams had to select a hobby and make it accessible using technology and art. #Grandma has worked on a solution for those with limited sight to play basketball, and #Grandpa is working on making Formula One racing accessible for those with prosthetics.