Summer IXL Program: Enhancing Proficiency in Middle School Math

The Middle School Summer IXL program, spearheaded by Ms. Melissa Benner, is in full swing. This program aims to improve students’ foundational math skills over the summer break. “Every student in my class works on a different set of skills, which is challenging to manage within a structured classroom setting. Since these individual gaps can be challenging to address during the regular school year, IXL is an excellent tool for targeted learning over the summer.”

One of the benefits of the program is the comprehensive data now available for every student who has completed the diagnostic assessment. Ms. Benner notes, “I’m already reviewing my classes for next year, and I can identify students at both ends of the performance spectrum. This information helps me plan lessons and curriculum more effectively, addressing specific needs right from the start instead of spending time during the first couple of weeks of school figuring it out.”

The initial diagnostic assessment takes about 45 minutes. Returning students have already completed this step. Over the summer, they will answer a certain number of questions until the system updates their score. Once their score is updated, the students can view their recommendations wall for a list of skills they need to work on. The program will then guide them through targeted lessons. For students who are new to MVA, Ms. Benner has spent time helping them log in to the system, get familiar with their email accounts, and begin using IXL.

In November 2023, Ms. Benner attended an IXL Live conference in Tampa. Despite her seven years of experience with IXL, the conference provided new insights into using the program more effectively. Later in the school year, other Middle School math teachers attended the same conference to gain similar training. “Next year, we plan to integrate IXL more extensively across the Middle School math classes,” she states.

Rising seventh-grader Joseph Bobilin shares his perspective: “As much as I did not want to do math over the summer and really just wanted to relax, I think it is necessary to review and learn to keep my mind fresh. IXL is helping me review and even learn some new skills, so I will definitely be prepared for next year.”

Parents also appreciate the program. Sara Bobilin remarks, “I love that Ms. Benner has implemented the IXL program to keep the kids’ math skills fresh for next year. They work so hard to learn all year and oftentimes have to use the first several weeks of the year to learn it all over again. IXL seems to motivate Joe to keep learning – even if he works just once or twice a week.”

Courtney Bushner also praises the program, saying, “Ms. Benner has done an excellent job with the summer math program. We love that the IXL program has an easy structure to keep up with and a semi-competitive element to keep the kids engaged. Both of our boys have no issues logging in and practicing their skills throughout the day. We’ve seen great improvement with them remembering math facts and have noticed a significant improvement in our oldest son’s math grade due to consistent practice.”

Curt Busby adds, “Thank you, Ms. Benner, for organizing the summer IXL practice program. IXL has significantly enhanced Megan’s math skills, and this program will further prepare her for the upcoming school year.”