Students Get Ready for Valentine’s Day at the Middle School Social

By Sanvhi Gandhi, Middle School SGA Historian, Class of ’28

Welcome to 2023! Even if it’s been well over a month since the new year, the Valentine’s Movie Social on February 3 kicked off our new year for the Middle School. This social consisted of watching Lady in the Tramp 2, decorating T-shirts, making little candy bags for our friends or ourselves, and even sending little notes that will be delivered to the person we wanted them to be for!

All these seemed to be a hit and set everyone in the mood for Valentine’s Day, but in comparison, our fun Kahoots and gimmicks seemed to be the most liked.

Throughout the social, the crowd gravitated to the concessions area where all the food was laid out. We had a variety of snacks like cupcakes, cookies, and popcorn for the movie, and even some cold beverages like Coca-Cola and Sprite, which were an absolute hit!

We thank the SGA members and Mr. Narducci for creating this wonderful social, and we thank the Middle School itself as the 7th and 8th graders bought food and drinks and the 6th graders helped with cleanup! This was a great social, and we hope that the next social will top this even further!