Students Create Chance Cubes in Their 3D Modeling and Printing Course

Mr. Matthew Parets, Upper School Teacher 

Since the beginning of the semester, students in the 3D Design and Printing course have been learning about the details of how 3D printers work and how to use the design software to create designs to print.

The picture above shows the results of the first student projects where they were asked to create a cube with the technical requirements that it be 40 mm on each side. Outside of that requirement, the students were encouraged to add a design to each of the six faces. Their designs could take any form and follow any theme that they wished. 

The students, with a little training, were able to design something new, and through the magic of 3D printing, they are able to hold that new idea in their hands. I was expecting them to each make a dice design, something predictable, but I was startled by how creative the students were and how far from normal their designs were.

Having an idea and being able to hold that idea in their hands less than a day later is truly remarkable.