STEM SAC APEX Project Presentation

STEM SAC APEX Project Presentation

Seniors in a Subject Area Concentration (SAC) produce an APEX project to fulfill the final requirements of receiving a SAC diploma in the STEM BioMed area. Students begin thinking about this project in their junior year and at the beginning of their senior year, narrow the focus.

“I encourage students to think about what interests them as they start to plan for this APEX project, which is the culmination of information and knowledge a student has gained throughout the SAC program,” said Mrs. Sarah Schlussel, science teacher. “We then take it from a general idea and narrow the focus to one specific aspect of the broader topic. A student will do an in-depth research project and present their findings to the class.

“The goal for SAC programs is to do scientific research and present their findings,” said Dr. Caryn Long, STEM SAC lead. “This process helps prepare students for the research that they’ll be doing at the college/university level. Our students are independently diving into STEM areas in which they are passionate, while building their resumes and transcripts. This is the purpose behind STEM SAC, to help our students launch their college careers.”

There are five seniors in the BioMed SAC program. Their presentations followed the outline of what inspired the research, defining the topic, describing the history, and outcomes.

Students’ covered a range of topics:

  • Yu Zhu (Katherine) Chen – Acute Respiratory Distress and the Effects of COVID-19
  • William Cook – What is Cyanide and Where is it Found
  • Laura Emilcar – Cataracts’ Effect on Eyesight
  • Amber Morgan – How Corneal Refraction Therapy Works
  • Maria Emilia Pereira – Type 1 Diabetes and Improvements in Patient Treatment

The projects had a direct connection to the student. For instance, Maria, whose father has diabetes, was able to track the innovations made in treating diabetes that have made it easier for her dad to monitor, track and treat the disease. Amber has experienced the benefits that CRT offers patients, as her eyesight has improved tremendously because of the treatment she received.

Congratulations to these students who have finished impressive projects on their way to receiving a SAC diploma and matriculation to college.