Seventh- & Eighth-Grade Years

During seventh and eighth grades, our students build on foundational knowledge and develop deeper connections across different areas of the curriculum as they explore and work to articulate their own perspectives about the world.

Seventh- and eighth-grade students continue to develop their ability to think critically and to identify and propose solutions to the issues they see in the world around them. Teachers encourage students to take academic risks when exploring ideas and developing hypotheses, creating space for students to challenge their own thinking about issues and to examine and articulate different points of view about important global, local, and personal issues. Students explore new opportunities and pursue areas of personal interest through elective courses, clubs, and enrichment activities, honing their skills in areas where they discover a passion. As students build a strong foundation for Upper School, take increased ownership of their own learning, and develop strong organizational skills, they also learn to cultivate empathy, understanding, and a desire for justice in a community where they are encouraged to seek out opportunities for service and authentic engagement.