Senior Kendall Walsworth Participates in Brown University’s Pre-College Environmental Leadership Lab

MVA Senior Kendall Walsworth recently spent two weeks at Brown University’s Pre-College Leadership Lab where she had the opportunity to learn from Ivy League educated instructors and engage with fellow peers who share her passion for sustainability. The Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL) combines ideas in environmental studies, ecology and leadership, with a mission of developing socially responsible leaders while building a sense of community with like-minded students within the program.

During the program, Kendall worked with her instructors and peers to develop an “action plan” to inspire change in the Montverde Academy community. She is incredibly excited to share her work at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. While in Rhode Island, Kendall had the opportunity to visit Matunuck Sustainable Oyster Farm, the Tomoquag Museum, engage with Brown’s Office of Sustainability, and attend a lecture on public speaking from Brown University instructor Jennifer Madden. Overall, BELLwas a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Kendall and she would do it all over again!