Second, Third and Fourth-Grade Performances Rock!

Second, Third and Fourth-Grade Performances Rock!

More Lower School classes performed this week with entertaining selections to delight the audiences. In the marvelous musical, “Grammar Rocks,” Mrs. Crawford and Ms. McDaniel’s second-grade classes find that grammar is a lot more fun when the rules are set to rockin’ tunes! Twisting their way through the “Sha Na Na Nouns” and swinging through “When, Where and How (The Adverb Song),” our second-grade students taught us why we have “Crazy Contractions” and even how to survive an “Attack of the Killer Verbs!” Once “Merry Adjectives” are used and you have survived the “Troublesome Word Blues,” you will truly understand why GRAMMAR ROCKS!

Turn on the radio and you might hear one of the classic songs Mrs. Tannehill and Mrs. Tomlinson’s third-grade classes performed in their show “Rock and Roll Forever.” In a musical journey from the ‘50s to the ‘80s, these talented students transported the audience from the “Splish Splash” in a bathtub to “Surfin’ USA” on the California Coast to keep it all “Footloose!” Everyone enjoyed the classics – Elvis and his “Blue Suede Shoes” and the Beatles, who said “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and even a bouncing competition for love in “Tutti Fruiti.” This show only goes to show that “Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay!”

What happens when Santa sends the elves to Florida to go to “Elf Camp”? Mrs. Schield’s fourth-grade class showed us what elves do when they have to spend time in the hot weather of Orlando. When they don’t learn their lesson, Santa sends them to work in theme parks where they fit in quite nicely. One elf even trades places with another character so he can sneak away. While Santa waits for his mischievous elves to change their attitudes, they come together to earn their way back as a team.

Rhythm Academy is a very serious school. Just ask Mr. Hand’s class in their performance of “Musical Madness.” Meet Dr. Kazoo, a crazy, slightly “mad” science teacher, who uses fun and wonder to teach his lessons. Unfortunately, Principal Pickles, the very serious administrator, is not impressed and transfers him to the only other opening at the school, to coach baseball. The audience discovered out what a wary baseball team and a group of science smarties can do together to make the best of a wacky situation. Through observing, hypothesizing and testing the results, we got to see if Dr. Kazoo was as good at learning as his students.

Great job everyone!