Pre-Senior Jeans Day This Thursday for the Class of 2024: This Year’s Seniors Reflect on Their Final Jeans Day at MVA

The final Class of 2023 Senior Jeans Day was truly special as seniors gathered to take a group photo wearing their college shirts. Then, they headed over to the senior courtyard to enjoy free Ritter’s Frozen Custard, compliments of the owners of Ritter’s located in Clermont. This was a yummy treat as their daughter Kady is a member of the MVA Class of 2023. Cookies; sprinkles; gummy worms; sugar and waffle cones; M&M’s; chocolate chips; marshmallows; crushed Oreos; and chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrup were provided by the senior class to make the perfect Friday afternoon sundae.

Kady Bills-McCoy, Class of 2023, said, “My favorite part about senior jeans day is being able to wear jeans to school and having the opportunity for seniors to feel recognized and have something special just for us. Ice cream makes all the problems go away!” I think my mom is giving the seniors frozen custard to recognize us for our hard work and start to excite us for graduation! I am very lucky that my parents own Ritter’s and are willing to give away to the seniors! I am super excited to see how the seniors enjoy this! My favorite flavor is probably vanilla with some Oreos and whipped cream on top! It was super nice to have my parents come and serve to the senior class! It was nice to see them enjoying meeting everyone in my class!”

Riley Novak, Class of 2023, said, “My favorite flavor is nutty banana with a little hot fudge. A fun fact about volunteering at a frozen custard shop is I get to learn things that a lot of people don’t know, things like the fact that they rotate through over 150 flavors during the month!”

Senior Jeans Day is always a wonderful event, and this Thursday, students from the Class of 2024 are invited to wear jeans to school and enjoy a free popsicle during club time, giving them a sneak preview of what’s to come next year on Senior Jeans Days!