Payson Bedard Wins Mrs. Whiffen’s Annual Cabbage Growing Contest

Every year, students in Mrs. Pat Whiffen’s third-grade science classes participate in a cabbage growing contest hosted by Bonnie Plants. A winner is chosen from both of the third-grade classes, and from there, Mrs. Whiffen chooses the school winner.

On Monday, it was announced during Assembly that last year’s cabbage growing winner was Payson Bedard whose cabbage weighed in at 7.8 pounds.

Payson said that she was very happy and excited to be named the winner. She used the “scientific method” at Assembly the morning it was announced when she observed that Mrs. Whiffen was there, who does not normally attend Assembly, and her parents in the audience. Based on her observations, she thought she had won. She thoroughly enjoyed growing the cabbage, and she even brought it with her on a road trip to Maine. She also enjoys helping her mom with the plants they have at home.

Her cabbage will now be entered into the state contest. Good luck, Payson!