NJHS Members Deliver Valentine’s Day Candy Grams to Students

By Meera Patel, NJHS Historian 

As the first service project of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) for 2023, candy grams were a sweet start for much more to come. In Middle School, a candy gram is a bag of candy that can be sent to your friends, your crush, or even yourself! This year, the timing made the candy grams delivered on Valentine’s Day, which matched how most students give candy to their friends on Valentine’s Day. Unquestionably, the idea was a blast, bringing in nearly 600 candy grams throughout the entire Middle School.

Members of NJHS at MVA had lots of work to do, but many of the students found the experience rewarding. Sanvhi Gandhi, an NJHS member who helped package the candy grams, said, “Although the candy grams were challenging to make, the hard work that we all put in will pay off in the end.” With the help that the students of NJHS put in, the Middle School received a sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day, and a smile was brought to the faces of the students.