New Academic Year Ushers in Fresh Courses

New Academic Year Ushers in Fresh Courses

The start of the 2021-22 school year is quickly approaching and the Montverde Academy faculty and staff are excitedly preparing for the return of our students. In the Upper School, students will have additional course offerings that cover various subjects from science and politics to music and psychology.

During the 2020-21 school year, MVA added Social Justice, Women’s Studies, African American Studies, and Multicultural Perspectives to the curriculum.

The 2021-22 school year will welcome 10 new courses featuring Sports Management, Social Awareness Design, Sports Branding, Sports Psychology, Global Politics, Marine Biology II, Environmental Science II, Medieval Studies, Advanced Ceramics, and Music Technology.

Two classes will be offered with a nod to athletics. Sports Psychology and Sports Management will address different sides of the athletics world, and we are excited to see what our students can take with them from these classes.

The Sports Psychology course provides an overview of the field of sports psychology and exercise, which involves applying psychology topics to exercise, sports, competition, and health. Topics will cover how sports psychologists work at all levels with athletes and teams in motivation, concentration, resilient personalities, attention, decision making based on inter-behavioral, cognitive, and other important approaches in sports psychology. Topics will include theoretical foundations of behavior, procedures for solving problems, adherence, motivation, and more.

On the flip side, classes like Global Politics and Medieval Studies examine cultural and political developments in both modern and historic societies.

The Introduction to the Medieval World course will span the fifth century through the 15th century covering a broad view of social, religious, cultural, economic, and political developments during Medieval Europe. In addition to studying the culture of Western Europe, the course will also look at Asian and Islamic influences on this time in order to gain an introductory view of important events, people, and movements of the medieval era around the world as a whole. This course will include a survey of social, religious, cultural, and economic issues through the eyes of rulers, aristocracy, peasants, women, townspeople, clergy, outcasts, and outsiders and analysis of medieval culture through religion, the arts, literature, technology, and architecture using relevant materials and period documents.

The Global Politics course will introduce students to a variety of fundamental political concepts such as power, equality, sustainability, peace, and conflict in a range of contexts and through a variety of approaches. It allows students to develop an understanding of the local, national, international, and global dimensions of political activity, as well as allowing them the opportunity to explore political issues affecting their own lives.

​Two classes will also be added to the graphic design curriculum including Social Awareness Design and Sports Branding. The Social Awareness Design class will focus on supporting and bringing awareness to social issues through design. Students will learn how to raise public awareness by using design elements that they learn in class. The class will focus on design, research, and creatively thinking outside of the box. The Sports Branding class will focus on the importance of branding design in relation to sports teams. Students will learn about branding systems, the importance of story in design, as well as the design components involved in a professional rebranding.

The sciences and fine arts will both see two courses added to their curriculum. The Upper School science department will add Marine Biology II and Environmental Science II, focusing on providing more challenging coursework for those interested in nature-based science. The Fine Arts department will welcome Advanced Ceramics and Music Technology as an additional avenue to pursue passions outside traditional academia.

The MVA faculty and staff are excited for another year filled with learning that not only challenges the mind but sparks curiosity.