National Junior Honor Society Hosts Midterm Mentoring Sessions for Sixth Graders

National Junior Honor Society hosted Midterm Mentoring sessions last week. All sixth graders were required to attend since this is their first time going through midterm exams. Seventh and eighth graders new to MVA were also welcome to attend. NJHS student volunteers explained what midterms are like to ease anxieties and help students feel confident for this new challenge.

Members of the National Junior Honor Society shared why they chose to be a mentor:

Sophia Youngs

I chose to become a mentor because I remember how scared I was for my first mid-terms, and I wanted to make sure others don’t feel how I felt. I want to make sure they feel comfortable with their mid-terms, to make sure they aren’t super stressed, and to make sure they do the right things during the midterms.

PJ Bobilin

It is important to offer mentoring opportunities because many students need to know about this. If they just learned that they have big tests now, they would be super stressed. I have helped calm many people down and tell them what to do. This is a great opportunity to help out.

Emily Eastham
It is important to offer midterm mentoring because without it the sixth-grade students would all most likely be confused and stressed because they have never experienced midterms or finals before.

Meera Patel
I became a mentor because I want to spread the knowledge that my midterm mentors gave me last year. It was so nice to know what midterms were, and I wanted to help other sixth graders who needed the same knowledge.

Dylan Bova
Mentoring made me feel really good because I was able to help the sixth graders, but it also helped me prepare for midterms because I got to refresh my memory about the midterms and how they go.

Krisha Patel
I chose to be a mentor because I wanted to help the sixth graders feel less stressed and more prepared for the midterm. I remember my first time taking a midterm in sixth grade and remembering how stressed I was about it. The thing that helped that year was the midterm mentoring.

Alison Ryan
It is important to offer midterm mentoring because it will help benefit the sixth graders and reassure them that everything will run smoothly with exams. It will also lead to a more positive and less stressful week of midterms for sixth grade, which will untimely contribute to the whole middle school.

Carine Hayes
It is important to offer midterm mentoring because it eases the pressure of nervous sixth graders and helps them feel more comfortable about exams.

Brooke Burton
I chose to be a mentor because I know that they need it and that it can help the sixth graders. It helped me a lot in sixth grade, so I want to help this class like I was helped.

Nidhi Krishna

I chose to be a mentor because I remember when I was super stressed out about midterms when I was in sixth grade. That is why I wanted to help relieve some stress of the sixth graders now to help them feel better because I know the feeling and how bad it is to be stressed. 

Jade Boochee
I chose to be a mentor because I was new last year, so it was my first time taking the midterms. I remembered how nervous and scared I was for it, and I started to get really stressed and overwhelmed because of it. I wished that I had someone to tell me that everything was going to be okay and kind of walk me through it. I chose to be a mentor because I wanted to be that person to someone else.

Akylah Shirley

I chose to be a mentor because I love to help out whenever I can. Also, knowing that I was in the position the sixth graders are right now. It gave me an opportunity to talk to them and help them feel prepared and less stressed for the midterms.

Ethan Huynh

I chose to be a mentor because I remembered being a new sixth grader stressing over exams, and I wanted to help other not feel the same. When mentoring, it makes me feel a bit more confident in my idea of midterms, and I also get a few hours. Helping younger students prepare for exams is important because it will help them feel more confident when taking them and hopefully score better.

Sanvhi Gandhi

I chose to be a mentor to make sure the sixth graders don’t have a hard time and that they’ll know where to go and how to do the midterm. Last year was my first year in MVA, along with a couple of other people, and much like everyone else (including the old students), I was very scarred and confused about how to study for the midterm and prepare for it. Helping the new sixth graders can ease their minds and not get them overwhelmed. 

Logan Tempel

I chose to be a mentor because I figured it would be good to help people with their midterm and help them study more to help them improve their grade.

The sixth graders were very grateful for the mentorship of the National Junior Honor Society, and they shared what they learned from the experience:

Evan Safford

Come in with a positive attitude

Ale Burgos-Valentin

Don’t wait till the last minute to study.

Ella Holt

Know that you can’t change what you did – you did your best.

Megan Busby

You can create quizlets or anything to help you study – like flash cards!

Heidi Paulsen

If somebody else thinks it’s hard, it might not be hard for you.

Ava Pergram 

Don’t cram the night before.

Henrique Cunha

Work on the subject you worry about the most.

Andrew Resetniks
Don’t stay up late because that puts stress on you.

Dexter Pfeffer-Morgan

Studying with groups helps – just don’t take advantage of it and mess around.

Stella Belmore

Have a positive attitude and don’t be stressed.

We wish everyone the best of luck this week!