Nathan Diaz Volunteers in Tanzania with the Children’s Global Alliance

Nathan Diaz, a rising 10th grader at MVA, volunteered in Tanzania over the summer with the Children’s Global Alliance, a nonprofit based out of Vail Colorado. To raise money for the trip, Nathan raised over $3,500 by working in the communities of Montverde and Clermont helping neighbors and friends with yard debris clean-up from a hurricane, yard chores, and dog sitting.

Nathan had an amazing experience in Tanzania. “You are told your entire life how things are in different places around the world,” said Nathan, “but you can never fully gain comprehension without going there yourself. No amount of words can describe how much compassion and love you feel from the beautiful people that you meet on the street, in schools, and in the communities rich in things greater than material wealth. Absolutely breathtaking and without a doubt a life-changing experience.”