MVA’s Mrs. Hymel and Her Daughter Cece Produce Kid-friendly Podcast Together

Montverde Academy’s Upper School English teacher, Mrs. Kara Hymel, and her daughter Cecelia (Cece) grade 3, will make an appearance tonight, July 7 at 7 p.m. on Real Radio 104.1. Tom and Dan of “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” are interviewing this impressive mother/daughter duo to talk about their “kid friendly” podcast, “Ryan and Cece’s Mysteries,” available on Apple Podcasts.

In each episode, Ryan (Cece’s best friend) and Cece are called upon to solve a mystery that listeners can try to solve along with them. The audience meets each suspect, hears their story, collects the clues, and along with Ryan and Cece, try to figure out who committed the crime. “We get our ideas from different places,” said Mrs. Hymel of the series, noting that the bulk of original ideas come from the stars themselves, Ryan, and Cece. “Ryan’s mom, stepdad, and I wanted to do something fun and creative with the kids. We realized there aren’t many podcasts for kids out there, especially interactive ones. It’s a great creative outlet for the whole family.” 

Join Mrs. Hymel and Cece tonight at 7 p.m. on Real Radio 104.1, or catch the podcast on Apple Podcasts. Congratulations Cece and Mrs. Hymel!