MVA’s Model UN Team Holds First In-House Conference

By Quinn Fitzpatrick, EagleMUN Secretary General, Class of ’24

Montverde Academy’s Model United Nations team held its first-ever in-house conference, EagleMUN I, on April 22. Organized by the team’s student leadership (Secretariat) and other dedicated members, the team created and ran two committees, crafting detailed background guides and helping new delegates learn about the Model UN experience. Consisting of an Upper School committee representing The Environmental Programme (UNEP) and an eighth-grade committee representing The World Health Organization (WHO), new and experienced students had the opportunity to participate in the conference.

In the Environmental Programme, delegates collaborated as their assigned country’s representatives, diligently working to implement new carbon taxes and policies. This small but effective committee passed their draft resolution unanimously, taking countries’ individual needs into account whilst promoting sustainability.

UNEP’s Best Delegate, Regina Torres, said, “Being part of EagleMUN I was a really nice experience. I’m happy I got to be part of it, and I’m grateful for the whole Model UN team for the support and hard work, not only during the conference but throughout the whole year, as well. Thank you, Barbara, for encouraging me to join Model UN last year. I wouldn’t be here without you.” Along with Best Delegate, the committee also rewarded an Outstanding Delegate, Tatriana Hinds. “I really enjoyed my first conference here!” said Tatriana. “I love how I got the experience of training but the committee was still professional. It was so fun, and I loved it!!”

The World Health Organization worked diligently to stop the growing environmental effects on global health by funding development and anti-climate change initiatives, implementing more climate and health friendly practices in agriculture, reducing pollution, and finding cleaner sources of energy. Even though this committee was composed of our rising freshmen, complete beginners, you couldn’t even tell from how professional and productive this committee was. Out of three great resolution papers, two passed, and the committee was able to effectively address the topic!

Madison Casaburi, winner of the Outstanding Delegate award, expressed, “My EagleMUN experience was amazing on so many different levels! Just being able to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of a typical conference, within a safe and comfortable environment, really allowed all the first-time delegates and me to get an inside look at what Model UN is all about. From the preparation and research done on the topic and our country’s, to learning the basic terms and procedures of a conference, the EagleMUN training session was overall such a wonderful learning experience, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!”

The purpose of this committee was to help eighth graders get insight into the unique Model UN experience, and Gino Garcia, the Honorable Mention delegate, even stated, “I want to take part in Model UN next year, so when I heard about EagleMUN, I was eager to join because both offer valuable opportunities to understand the importance of in-depth research. They challenge participants to delve into global issues, explore different perspectives, and gather relevant information.” All the delegates did an amazing job, especially for their first time, and it created a great committee experience overall!

EagleMUN has concluding activities for the 2022-23 school year. Mr. Burke and Ms. Hoyle would like to thank the Secretariat for a highly successful first in-house conference. With the announcement of the four conference dates in 2023-24, we would also like to recognize the Secretariat for the upcoming 2023-24 school year:

    • Secretary General: Quinn Fitzpatrick
    • Deputy Secretary General: Kristy Khadka
    • Under Secretary of Policy: Alexa Foxx
    • Under Secretary of Administration: Falysha Belvu
    • Under Secretary of Development: Stellie Bobilin
    • Secretary General Emeritus: Anabella Munoz

If any student or parent is interested in the Montverde Academy Model United Nations Team (EagleMUN), please contact or