MVA’s Joseph Bobilin wins Bonnie Farms Cabbage Growing Contest

MVA's Joseph Bobilin wins Bonnie Farms Cabbage Growing Contest

The Montverde Academy third grade class participates annually in the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program. Mrs. Pat Kroll-Whiffen heads up the project in the Lower School and passes along her passion for plant life, gardening, and its impacts on the ecosystem to her students.

“Every year the third grade participates in the Bonnie Farms Cabbage Growing contest,” said Mrs. Kroll-Whiffen, Lower School Science Teacher. “It is a nationwide contest that third-grade students participate in to grow their own cabbages.”

Joseph Bobilin earned the grand prize in the Florida competition with a seven-pound cabbage. Over the years, MVA has found success in the Cabbage Growing contest. Rory Rhodes took home first place during the 2019-20 competition before COVID impacted the 2020-21 judging. This year alone, MVA had 40 students with cabbage entries.

“Learning how to grow healthy food at an early age teaches kids to value the fun and hard work that goes into gardening,” said Mike Sutterer, President & CEO of Bonnie Plants on their website. “We’re always thrilled to share the appreciation and excitement of a bountiful harvest with our students and believe the joy of gardening is something you never outgrow.”

Joseph cultivated his love for gardening through spending time with his grandmother who also enjoys the pastime. His parents Judd and Sarah Bobilin are proud of the work Joseph has put into growing the cabbage. Once he secured his win, the family made a special dish incorporating Joesph’s cabbage.

“It’s so great to see a multi-generational shared interest in Joesph’s victory,” said Mrs. Kroll-Whiffen.

“I really liked learning how to take care of and grow a cabbage,” said Joseph. “You have to really take care of them and make sure they get water. One thing I learned was that a lot of bugs really like cabbage! After I grew the cabbage I started growing tomatoes. Next, I might try growing cucumbers.”