MVA Wishes Mrs. Jayne Beucher a Happy Retirement

After nearly twelve years of service to Montverde Academy, Mrs. Jayne Beucher is announcing her retirement. Mrs. Beucher has served as the Associate Dean of the Lower School since July of 2011. When Mr. Yordin Robinson came on board at the beginning of this school year as the new Associate Dean, she began serving as Interim Director of Learning Support Services (LSS).  

In her capacity as both Associate Dean of the Lower School and Interim Director of LSS, one thing has been a constant, and that is her love for the children at Montverde Academy. “My fondest memories I think are the day-to-day interactions with the children,” said Mrs. Beucher, “seeing them every day, the high-fives, the hugs, the silly stories they tell you. You can’t help but enjoy yourself when you’re around children. That has always been who I am.”

Emilie Lapouble, who is now in the eighth grade at MVA, would often tell her stories in the hallway. “I remember one time she was asking me how countries were formed. She was probably in the second grade, and she started telling me how you have to buy land, how you have to create the country, how you have to start the government. She’s telling me this story as she’s walking toward me, and when she passes me and turns the corner, she’s still telling the story. She never stops. To this day, I’ve never heard the end of one of Emilie’s stories,” laughs Mrs. Beucher.

She recalls another funny memory when George Henry Singletary, who was in Pre-K4 at the time, came in from P.E. and was bright red and sweaty from the exercises. Mrs. Beucher asked, “George Henry, are you okay?” And he answered, “Coach made us do flapjacks today in P.E., and I’m so tired.” She found out later from Coach Golden that he meant jumping jacks.

Her unique connection that she had with the students at MVA will surely be missed, but she is confident she is leaving her positions as both Associate Dean of the Lower School and Interim Director of Learning Support Services in good hands.

Once she retires, she plans to move into her new home soon and travel with her husband. Although she is retiring, she doesn’t plan on becoming a stranger to MVA — or to being an educator — any time soon. Whether she’s on campus as a volunteer or substitute teacher, or whether she’s counting, sorting, and categorizing Froot Loop colors with her grandchildren or discussing air vapors and jet engines with them as they observe the rocket contrails from her car, the fact remains that being an educator is part of her DNA. “I take every opportunity as a teaching moment. It’s just a habit I’m probably never going to break,” said Mrs. Beucher.

Today in the Lower School assembly, Mrs. Sinopoli’s Kindergarten class honored Mrs. Beucher with a song that highlighted her curricular contributions over the years, followed by the Lower School Choir’s performance of “May You Always Have a Song.” Mrs. Shackelford then gave a few parting words, referring to Mrs. Beucher as “a true friend and chosen sister.”

“Our students during her tenure have benefited from her wisdom, guidance, knowledge of curriculum, and most of all, her desire to see each child meet their potential in every way,” said Mrs. Shackelford. “While she may also be known for her beautiful and stylish shoes and clothing, her legacy will outlast her fashion as her colleagues, students, and parents look back at the difference she has made in so many ways on each of our hearts through her years of service, dedication, and love for Montverde Academy.”