Montverde Academy Upper School Key Club Members Partner with the Eight Waves Organization

Montverde Academy Upper School Key Club Members Partner with the Eight Waves Organization

By: Natalie Babinski, Class of 2023

Members of the Upper School Key Club traveled to Winter Garden on Friday, April 1, to partner with the Eight Waves organization. Eight Waves is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of supporting vulnerable at-risk children, families, and schools in under-resourced communities.

Children in under-resourced areas often do not get the birthday experience others may receive. Due to this, both groups partnered together to host a birthday party for five children in the local area. Key Club members worked to provide resources and volunteers. At the event, they were given the opportunity for hands-on experience with children to provide them with the best time.

“We got the opportunity to participate in one of these birthday parties and show all the students a great time with some members participating in cookie decorating, a gaming bus, a bounce house, and basketball.”, said Richard Henry, Class of 2022. “Not only did we have a lot of fun participating, but each child got the opportunity to have fun with an older role model with many expressing they wished all the volunteers to return.”

The organization holds fun events but also helps with academic skills. They focus on improving literacy among children ages 8 – 18. Each child was able to get special one-on-one help. With eight different initiatives, they are making an impact on the lives of all the youngest neighbors in the community.

“I am so happy and proud to have participated in the Eight Waves birthday party with the Key Club. During the event, we were able to help celebrate children’s birthdays, play games, and have lots of fun!”, said Lily Downs, Class of 2024. “It was a great way to support our community and represent MVA! I can’t wait to do it again!”

Each member who volunteers was able to gain experience working with children and help this great organization! To help Eight Waves more, visit them at