MVA Triumphs at Lake-Sumter State College Mathlympics

On Friday, April 5, 2024, eight students from the Upper School math team competed in the Lake-Sumter State College Mathlympics. Montverde Academy Team A consisted of Ali Cheema, Vaasu Gadiparthi, Leon Liu, and Ilya Lukinov. Team B members included Amy Zhang, Brian Zhang, Max Zhang, and Jingyuan (John) Xiao.

With over 25 teams coming from about 14 different schools across Lake and Sumter counties, Team A earned first place with 350 points while Team B earned fourth place with 183 points. All participants of the Mathlympics this year were underclassmen, so that gives MVA great hope for the future, as well.

The math club meets on Tuesday mornings at 7 a.m., so these students have been dedicated this entire year to strengthening their skills individually and as a group. Dr. Anne Browdy and Ms. Candace Dietrich are proud of all the math team members. “We genuinely appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm each person brings, and we look forward to working with these students and more next year,” said Ms. Dietrich. 

Congratulations to both teams!