MVA Strength & Conditioning Center Named to Honor Dr. and Mrs. Kesselring

MVA Strength & Conditioning Center Named to Honor Dr. and Mrs. Kesselring

On Monday, August 16, the announcement was officially made to recognize MVA President and Head of School Dr. Kasey C. Kesselring and his wife Maureen Kesselring through the naming of the Strength and Conditioning Center in their honor. Dr. and Mrs. Kesselring arrived at the Academy in 1999 and have since grown the institution considerably through the addition of the Lower and Middle School buildings, Athletics Complex including the EdgeCenter for Sportsmanship and Wellness (Nest), Equestrian Center, and a new Upper School building.

The generous anonymous donation of $250,000 provided the naming opportunity that was made to honor the dedication and timeless service that the Kesselring’s have made to Montverde Academy over the years.

“The important thing about fundraising is honoring the wish of the donor,” said Dr. David Rath, Associate Head of School and Dean of Enrollment Management. “Our donors wanted to remain anonymous but still show their admiration of Dr. and Mrs. Kesselring’s work.”

Dr. Rath was an integral member of raising the funds necessary to name the Strength and Conditioning Center.

“Maureen and I are very grateful for this incredible honor bestowed by the donor and while we know they wish to remain anonymous, we are aware of who they are and so much appreciate their generosity,” said Dr. Kesselring. “More importantly, Maureen and I have dedicated now 23 years of our careers at Montverde Academy and raised our children here—Montverde Academy is part of our heart and soul and always will be!”