MVA Prepares Students for College Through College Information Night and Virtual Reality College Tours

The College Counseling office hosted its annual Information Night for parents of seniors on Tuesday, September 13. The counselors presented information on determining if a college is a good fit for a student, developing a college list, understanding college admissions testing policies, applying for Bright Futures scholarships, using Scoir productively and efficiently, and making the most of college visits. The information session was also an opportunity to establish the partnership between Montverde Academy and families as the seniors navigate the college admissions journey. In February, a similar program will be hosted for families of underclassmen.

Any student who is interested in getting a sneak peek at prospective college campuses can schedule a virtual tour using a virtual reality headset right here on campus. “It’s a video, but instead of taking the tour in a two-dimensional field, you’re taking it in three dimensions, and with this VR headset, you can walk around and take the tour in this virtual reality,” said Dr. Long, Director of Educational Technology and Innovation at MVA.

Cadence Whitehouse, a sophomore at MVA, was eager to take the virtual tour. “As a sophomore, I don’t have to worry about traveling just yet,” Cadence said. “Until that time comes, it’s good to get some exposure to different colleges.”

Dr. Long also noted that with travel being so expensive, touring college campuses using a VR headset can help students narrow down their options before touring campuses in person, thus reducing some of the travel expenses. Any students who are interested in taking a virtual tour of a college campus should email Dr. Long at to schedule a tour.