MVA Partners with University of Florida for Dual Enrollment

MVA Partners with University of Florida for Dual Enrollment

We are excited to share that our Upper School Administrative Leadership Team has facilitated a partnership with the University of Florida (UF) that will allow eligible Montverde Academy juniors and seniors to take select University of Florida courses online while remaining enrolled at MVA.

Eligible students may take a maximum of two UF courses per semester starting in the junior year at a modest cost starting at $149.24 per credit hour. Over the course of the junior and senior year, a student could potentially earn as many as 24 college credit hours or more, while earning high school credit towards their MVA diploma, depending on the courses selected. The fees are collected by MVA as part of the tuition schedule for those who participate and remitted to the UF. Students enrolled in the UF partnership will get a UF transcript reflecting their course work and grades to be used for college admissions to UF, another state college/university in Florida, or any college/university to which they may apply. Acceptance into and completion of the UF courses does not guarantee admission into UF, but further reflects and supports the student’s readiness for college level work. Select available courses are eligible to meet UF core course graduation requirements and/or any Florida state university program course requirement.

Coupled with MVA’s robust Advanced Placement program, students have excellent opportunities to prepare for college level work and earn college level credit. Developmentally, the MVA experience remains paramount; therefore, the partnership with UF is not designed to accelerate graduation from the Academy, but to enhance the college preparatory experience.

Students typically carry an academic course load of six courses and one study hall. Students who enroll in the UF partnership will take a minimum of five MVA academic courses and may participate in one or two study halls designated for UF online coursework. Students on abbreviated academic schedules associated with training programs may take UF partnership courses on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with the Dean of the Upper School.

Please contact Mr. David Bernatavitz, Dean of the Upper School, via email at with any questions about Dual Enrollment.