MVA Key Club Attends DCON in Daytona

By Cadence Whitehouse, Division 9B Lieutenant Governor of Key Club

Last weekend, I traveled with a group of 10 other Upper School students to the Florida District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON), a conference that offers attendees leadership training, shared experiences with members of other clubs, and a better understanding of Key Club International that cannot be experienced by seeing the club at the local level only. These experiences are provided in a highly motivational and socially enjoyable environment that truly inspires attendees as they return to their home clubs and carry out the mission of Key Club.

Former Division 9 Lieutenant Governor Belle France retired from her leadership position of two years. During her time as lieutenant governor, she grew Division 9 so much that it was divided into two: Division 9 A and B. It’s also exciting to announce that I have been inducted as the new Division 9B Lieutenant Governor! As the new Lieutenant Governor for my Division, my goals are to increase membership by creating an environment that makes our volunteer opportunities rewarding, as well as fun. I plan to hold many Divisional Council Meetings (DCM’s) throughout the year where I can share district information, offer related updates, and host service projects that can make the division more engaged and united.

Belle France received the Leader of Leaders award that is presented by the Florida District Governor to the District board member who goes above and beyond in their service and overcomes challenges and adversity. When I asked Belle what went through her mind when she heard her name, she said, “When I heard my name called, I was humbled, honored, and in tears of joy. I’ve been a part of the Kiwanis Family since I was nine and proudly served as a member of K-Kids. That moment for me was an incredible honor.”

Belle also served as the Chair of Sergeant at Arms for the event and captivated an audience of 1,000+ people each night. She worked diligently to ensure all rules were followed and everyone was safe while having fun. She did a phenomenal job and was commended for an impressively safe and enjoyable conference.

Natalie Babinski received the G. Harold Martin Outstanding Club President award. When I asked her how she felt when receiving this award, she said, “Being awarded the G. Harold Martin Outstanding Club President award was a great honor! I’ve always loved being a part of Key Club, and being president this year was an amazing opportunity!”