Middle School Social Studies

Social StudiesOur Middle School Social Studies program provides opportunities for the in-depth study and analysis of historical events, civilizations, and societies, and our students develop the ability to understand events—both historical and present-day—within their contexts and from multiple perspectives.

In sixth grade, our students study the world’s ancient civilizations, with significant emphasis on the geographical, social, economic, and political structures of non-Western civilizations, and in seventh and eighth grade, they examine the history of the United States, beginning with the European explorations of North American in the fifteenth century and tracing the development of the United States through the present day. Students work with primary and secondary sources to develop research skills as they think critically about the challenges people have faced and their responses to those challenges. During their eighth-grade year, students learn more about financial systems and their impacts on communities and individuals, and they develop an understanding of the significance of economic forces in social, political, and personal contexts. Throughout their time in Middle School, students learn about the past in ways that helps them better understand themselves, the world around them, and the importance of responsible citizenship.