Middle School Science

ScienceLaboratory-based inquiry is the hallmark of our exciting, hands-on science program in the Middle School, where students develop skills related to the scientific process through practical and meaningful application.

Students in the Middle School engage in a variety of scientific pursuits. Our students work in partnership with NASA scientists to provide on-the-ground observations to verify satellite picture data through the GLOBE program while they learn how Earth behaves as a unified system of spheres that determine the health of our planet. Students investigate the characteristics of life on Earth while also considering our planet’s place in the universe. They investigate the properties of matter and learn how to use and apply the periodic table of elements. And laboratory experiments enhance their understanding of everything they study—from forces and energy to cellular structures and chemical reactions to electricity, magnetism, and waves. Throughout their time in Middle School, students learn hands-on skills that support their growth as critical thinkers and as responsible members of the community.