Mrs. Sinopoli Uses Interactive Mats to Teach Her Kindergarteners the Letters of the Alphabet

Each day, Mrs. Sinopoli explores a different letter of the alphabet with her kindergarteners. At the beginning of each lesson, students sit on the interactive mat and take turns suggesting a word that begins with that day’s letter. She writes the words on a tree map as she discusses the sounds of the words.

Then she uses her iPad to take a picture of that day’s letter and corresponding animal on the interactive mat. The animal’s picture then comes alive on the iPad right in front of the students’ eyes! As soon as the animal appears, a joyous “Yay!” can be heard from the students.

They scurry to their desks, find the letter in their workbook, practice writing the letter, and find words with the same sound. They even take their own iPads and make the animals from their workbooks come alive. They are eager to show Mrs. Sinopoli the animals they discover.