Montverde Academy’s Lower School Students Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Montverde Academy’s Lower School Students Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Montverde Academy celebrated Grandparent’s Day today with two programs for Lower School students. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions the classes were divided from grades Pre-K3 -1 and grades 2 – 5

“Grandparent’s Day is always a special day at the Lower School as we recognize and celebrate the joy Grandparents bring to our lives,” said Meristell Shackelford, Dean of Lower School at Montverde Academy. “Lower School students, faculty, and staff spend weeks preparing music, songs, dance, and the spoken word to honor the legacy our Grandparents leave on our hearts.”

Performances included homages to grandparents through songs, dances, and even skits performed by the children. “They did such a wonderful job, it made me tear up,” said a first-grade grandparent. The grandparents were also encouraged to donate to the upcoming Educational Technology and Innovation Center (ETIC), which is set to open in the fall of 2023.

“Research shows that connection to grandparents helps a child to develop both socially and academically.” Said Dr. Caryn Long, Middle School Science teacher and Director of the ETIC. “By supporting the innovation center, you can leave a lasting impact on the remainder of your grandchild’s academic career by helping to provide resources that will prepare them for future career opportunities.”

Montverde Academy acknowledges the hard-working parents and grandparents that help provide for their children and grandchildren’s future. This day is meant to show appreciation through many creative ways.

Check out the Grandparents Day video here.