Montverde Academy Students Volunteer at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission Center

Montverde Academy Students Volunteer at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission Center

Upper School students from Montverde Academy volunteered at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM) by assisting with the lunch service for the family section of the program. They helped organize and clean the kitchen as well as prepare the kitchen for lunch duty, which catered to approximately 50 people.

“I loved the opportunity I had to help those in need. It was very fulfilling to see their faces filled with pure joy,” said Upper School student Rodrigo Pontes. “We helped clean, distribute food, and organize the kitchen in order to prepare lunch for the people who live there.”

These students fulfill their community service hours in different areas throughout the Academy and organizations just like these. Although, for some senior students, certain hours must be completed for them to graduate.

“I really enjoyed volunteering at Orlando Union Rescue Mission. I’m glad Montverde Academy offered this opportunity that gave a new point of view of our society and a chance to give back to the community,” said Upper School student Manuel Barbosa. “The people there were nice and sweet which certainly made the whole experience better. I’m definitely left their facility incredibly happy seeing all the work we were able to do and all of the lives we were able to change.”

Many students were drawn to the OURM center due to the impact they have on so many lives in Central Florida. Since 1948, the Christian non-profit center has been committed to bringing Central Florida’s hungry, homeless, and hurting to achieve brand-new life goals and futures through many services. Their programs are designed to lead the homeless to permanent independence built upon a personal relationship with Christ.

“It [OURM] really opened my eyes to the different life experiences that the people in my community share, and it made me much more compassionate towards people and what they’re going through,” explained Upper School student Olivia McClean. “I experienced a lot of gratitude today for the things that I have and was very thankful that I had an opportunity to give back to my community.”