Middle School Students’ Work Selected in WonderWorks Art Contest

Middle School Students’ Work Selected in WonderWorks Art Contest

Congratulations to Isabella Parra and Ross Snapp, seventh-grade students, whose artwork was selected to be featured in the FLO-ART: Central Florida Youth Art Gallery located inside WonderWorks Orlando. The students’ entries were among 350 total entries from which only 15 winners were selected. Their work will be displayed for a year in the WonderWorks Orlando gallery.

The contest theme was Time to Think. The description said, “This year has given all of us time to think and create. Whether you’ve imagined a world much different than the one we’re living in or you dreamed up the next great invention, WonderWorks wants to encourage young artists to THINK and express your thoughts through ART.”

Ms. Lori Pollack, Middle/Lower School art teacher, worked this opportunity into her curriculum and had her students participate as a project in class using liquid watercolor. “I call it flow art because the liquid watercolor ‘flows’ over the paper,” said Ms. Pollack. “For this project with this medium, students had to plan out the piece. In a rough draft they describe what they want to create, how the design uses the theme, the colors they will use, and what will be in the foreground and the background. To use this medium well, you have to plan, but also be flexible because with movement, you may get an outcome that you didn’t expect.”

Isabella titled her painting, Spots of Good. “My drawing describes how there’s so much hate and sadness (dark colors) in the world, but the drops of white symbolize the goodness and that there is always good in the world,” she wrote.

Ross’s painting was, Lighting the Way. “in my picture I made a light bulb to signify the light. I put it over dark colors to signify the good blocking the darkness out,” he wrote.

Congratulations to Isabella and Ross!